Evaluating the Continuum of Prescription Drug Abuse Recovery in Mattawa First Nations

Principal investigator: Christopher Mushquash

April 1 2014-March 31 2016

Southwestern Ontario Suicide Inquiry for Quality Improvement

Principal Investigator: Paul Links

Co-investogators: Rahel Eynan, Ravi Shah, Marnin Heisel

September 1 2013-March 31 2016

Ontario Child Health Study

Principal investigator: Michael Boyle

Co-investigator: Kathy Georgiades

April 1 2015-March 31 2017

Changing Characteristics of the Review Board Population in Ontario: a Population-based Study from 1987-2012

Principal investigators: Alexander I. F. Simpson, Stephanie R. Penney, Michael C. Seto

Co-investigators: Anne G. Crocker, Tonia L. Nicholls, Padraig L. Darby

August 5, 2014

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From Hospital to Home: the Transition of Alternate Level of Care and Long-Stay Mental Health Clients.

Prepared by: Dale Butterill MSW, MPA; Elizabeth Lin, PhD; Janet Durbin, PhD; Yona Lunsky, PhD; Karen Urbanoski, PhD (Candidate); and Heather Soberman, MA

September 2009

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Mental Health Law in Ontario: an Overview

Prepared by: Gail Czukar and Dykeman Dewhirst O'Brien LLP

June 15, 2013

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