Lauren Drvaric - 2016 to 2019
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

"The Power of Resilience: Positive Psychotherapy for Youth at Clinical High-Risk (CHR) for Psychosis"

Our lab has studied the effects of stress experienced by clinical high-risk (CHR) youth for developing psychosis. Research has shown that CHR youth are in need of novel treatments to help them cope with stress and the symptoms they experience. This study will look at a newly developed therapy known as Positive Psychotherapy (PPT), which helps young people identify their individual character strengths to build resilience. The study will evaluate the effects of group PPT in CHR youth to reduce stress and psychosis-risk syndrome symptoms compared to standard treatment. It is hoped that PPT will provide CHR youth with useful tools to help them navigate through their future, and to be better equipped to deal with the challenges of daily life.