Danijela Maras - 2016 to 2019
University of Ottawa

"How do avoidant attachment and depression impact quit smoking rates among HIV+ people"

This study will compare nicotine use and depressed mood among HIV+ people as a function of their avoidant attachment relational style. This study will also examine how changes in depressed mood and attachment avoidance are related to quit smoking and nicotine use. This study is part of a larger randomized trial examining the use of two different medications (varenicline and nicotine patch), each with and without additional quit smoking counselling tailored for HIV+ smokers. This study is recruiting participants across eight Canadian sites, and is supported by the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network. Participants complete self-report questionnaires assessing their avoidant attachment level, depressed mood, and nicotine use at baseline, then every four weeks for 24 weeks. Nicotine use is also confirmed using a machine that measures carbon monoxide levels.