Nick Kerman - 2016 to 2019
University of Ottawa

"The Effects of Housing Stability on Service Use among Formerly Homeless Adults with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse"

Mental illness and substance abuse are pervasive problems among the chronically homeless population. This study will explore how the use of health, social and justice services differ during transitions from homelessness to housing compared to those from housing to homelessness. It will also examine the differences in service use between participants who achieve housing stability and those who experience housing difficulties and recurrent homelessness. The study is recruiting 68 participants who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and a comorbid substance-use problem, and who are homeless at study entry. Half of the sample will receive housing first (affordable housing in the form of independent apartments with intensive case management); the other half will receive standard care. Participants will be followed over a 24-­month period, with three assessments occurring during this time.